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It’s Comments Hour with Uncle Moop again. In this month’s edition, I’ll pin to the bulletin board a lot of good sense and good fun sent in by the readership – not to mention the usual confused howling from arse-rock punters upset that some people don’t think Thermal & a Quarter are the next Beatles. Get yerself a bottle of something nice; here come the internet-dwellers with things to say.

The Bakey Trays – after whom India’s most famous rock ‘n’ roll group are named – weighs in on the Saddest Show in the World with “New theme not nice. I liked the pink.” Fair’s fair; who didn’t? But it isn’t good with things like the Facebook button, and a wildly successful website like this needs that shit. I hope to go pink again one day, in a bigger and better way. Until then, the white it is.

The post about Mark Prindle shutting down his record reviews site has attracted all of these:

I’ve been a fan of Mark’s website for 10+ years, and I also felt quite sad when he stopped updating. Oh well, he clued me in to dozens of awesome bands I’d never heard of before.” – Seth

Damn, Prindle quit, eh? I haven’t visited regularly for the last several years, but in the early 2000s I spent a lot of my office time reading his rants. Some of his reviews were complete shit, but brilliantly so. Prindle’s responsible for almost all the music I discovered in those two or three years. I remember being quite pissed off to find that Wikipedia didn’t have an entry on him a couple of years ago.” – GarrethD

He is responsible for a lot of individuals thinking up zazzy names and starting reviews sites over the years… but quite right: I doubt that any site or blog will have the audience that Prindle captured. I never understood how he has readers from all over the world and not just the local music scene… the self named WRC was really going strong circa 2000-2005 after which its slowly died out… with the final nail being Prindle retiring.” – thatdoesntsoundright

Finally, a tribute to my favorite music reviewer.” – Paul Kontaratos

Yes, he really was that good.

What’s the Scene’s end of year list for 2011 is a grim reminder that, for all the cool little groups who’ve been popping up here and there, India continues to be ruled over by smug, dumb-fuck jocks hawking turgid hard-rock cliché, the sort that was boring even when it was new, and is worse for being outdated. Needless to say, posting about it brought all manner of aesthetically challenged “fans” crawling out of the woodwork flinging abuse. Not surprising: if I had built my life around Kryptos, I’d have to mark out my territory by pissing on everything else too.

Most of the more inane raving was – rightly – pounced on by other readers, so it’s nice to know that the arse-rock rot maybe doesn’t run as deep as I fear, but here’s Mayhem_and_Justice with their charming case for the defence.

Man, this post really cracked me up to the point that I actually held on to my table in fear of falling off my chair. An earlier comment about how you seem like a kid who dropped their ice cream and doesn’t want anyone else to have theirs seems unnervingly appropriate. I doubt you’ve watched any of the bands you talk shit about, play.

Here’s a tip for you. Go watch them. You’ll eat the shoes your wearing when you realise that these people got where they are for a reason.

In other words, they’re famous, so they must be good.

A biscuit to the first person who spots the problem with that.

You probably think you’re some kind of world music connoisseur who knows good music from mindless drivel. If you ask me, you probably can’t differentiate between them for nuts.

True. Telling turds apart isn’t a strong point.

We live in a musical third-world and there isn’t much to love about most of what is churned out in these parts, but don’t let that be your excuse for forgiving, even endorsing, blatant crap foisted upon you by a lot of big-fish-in-small-pond swaggerers. Clean out your ears, you beet-heads; there’s more to life than that. Where are your standards?

Bloop-eye and BB reply with “What’s with all you guys going ”Go see the bands live, and you’ll shit bricks” … I’m sure he would shit bricks,how much shit can a dude take through his ears? Seriously, why don’t you music ”giants” get a sense, and make way to some music. All those bands he mentioned above, they’re too ass. What’s the Scene drags all the sad, depressive, wanna-be-cool bands into the papers, trying to make some news and show that India has some fucking scene. I’m not constricting myself within genres. Look at the originality of their music, and their attitude, my small ass. They’re as fake as Barbie’s tits. As far as I know, I can count the bands in India starting to bloom, having some potential, with a single hand. 4, maybe?” and “The few bands trying to put out intelligent music face an uphill battle – what do you expect from a sub-continent that wets itself over playing “Summer of ’69″ on repeat?” respectively.

They are both right.

Next up, on my list of Ten Songs Which Will Never Get You Laid:

Regarding Conquistador, you are absolutely right, of course. But… after she’s your wife and has grown to appreciate your quirks, playing this song with all required reverence and geek fest commentary on its awesomeness is a guaranteed trip to the marital hay… no, you know what, I’m lying. It won’t even get you laid then… but, depending on how long you’ve been married, maybe it’s an acceptable trade off. It is an awesome version of an awesome song.” – Victim of the Fury

I even like the much more recent performance which features a grizzled, bearded Gary Brooker, but I think we can all agree that no version, however exciting, will ever get the lasses to wrap their legs around your neck.

Speaking of lasses, I’d have thought that Lily Allen hadn’t an enemy in the world. Clearly not:

… fucking… fucking… fucking…” – The Geedireest

This drags on for a bit, but Bluesfarmer sums up my side of the story when he says, “Clever girl. And smoking hot. Not a bad combination. That first album’s a fucking ton of fun.

This one’s from the Sridhar/Thayil gig review:

When did you become such a fruit cake? I saw them live thought the music was just awful regardless of their so called stage show.” – madrasunderbelly

You’re right. I’ve become much too sentimental about local music, and this is why I gave S/T a free pass. Actually, the music was horrible. I should’ve called the bullshit on it at the outset. I apologise unreservedly for this lapse.*

Finally, on the last instalment of the Moop Letters, Schizophonic! reply with “Catch Bangalore’s favourite car crash at the MAD Festival in Ooty on the 6th of April at 6PM! Just follow the hairpins!

Good old Schizophonic! So far gone, yet always so near.

* – Fuck off!

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