Kicker of Songs

Listen to Kicker of Elves. It’s a classic. Here’s why I say so.

1. Never has the case for elf-kicking been laid out so neatly before.

2. It’s by Guided by Voices, which is a startlingly appropriate name for the kind of band Guided by Voices are.

3. It’s off an album called Bee Thousand. This name reportedly came about when Robert Pollard tried to say “Pete Townshend” whilst keeping his tongue pinched between thumb and forefinger. That’s totally meaningful.

4. It’s got social uses; it opens people’s minds to the joys of kicking elves. I too would one day like to kick an elf.

4. It sits on the same record as Echoes Myron and I am a Scientist, like a little boy between his two big brothers. You can tell a great song by who it hangs out with.

5. Got a troublesome girlfriend or wife? Play this, she’ll scoot. If she does like it, which she won’t, then she’s probably worth the trouble. Keep her. </life advice>

6. It cries out loud for Knickers of Elves jokes; how many songs can you say that about?

Convinced? I bet.


One thought on “Kicker of Songs

  1. Bee Thousand, one of my favourite albums. First time I heard GBV was a bit later in their career, before Isolation Drills came out. My roommate at the time in college was working for TVT records, so he got a bunch of promo copies of Isolation Drills. That was one of their more “polished” albums up to that point. I remember listening to it half awake, drunk, puking, and thinking..hmmm this sounds good! Been a fan ever since. Not spun this one in a while though. Alien Lanes is also a good one.

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