Balls of Boom

“Baada boom, baada bang!” said Boom Boom as she burst another lock with her little balls of destruction.

Here’s how Ray Davies smiled.

Photo of KINKS and Ray DAVIES

Ray Davies is a sweet smiling guy. He is playing his guitar, he’s playing his guitar,


…and then FLASH!


then another Flash since he paid to be in this post…


…and then, Flashback.

Kinks instruments



When it’s Crap: the Return of Harsha Iyer

So, young Harsha. I swore to you once that if your new record sucked, I’d personally come down and set you on fire. I’m going to keep my promise: once I’m done writing this, I’m ringing the butler for kerosene, a box of matches, and a train ticket to where you live.

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“Less Sex, More Taxes!”

We live in interesting times: just when you thought that the past was a thing of the, well, past, out comes P. P. Malhotra of the Home Ministry whining to the courts about something you’d think had been sorted out by now, viz. the sticky issue (heh heh heh) of blokes banging each other and lasses getting it on with other lasses. Some of P. P.’s concerns about such jolly deeds are that they are “against social order” and “may spread diseases”. They’re a funny lot, our ruling classes: the foetid sewer right by the office “may spread diseases” too, but it hasn’t attracted any censure that I know of, much less been outlawed, which is what this man, and half the nation with him, would have in store for homosexuals if he had his way. Clearly this cock-in-arse business is more worrying than a looming public health crisis. And probably rightly: whatever harrowing plague-like epidemic the drains may have visit upon us, they at least don’t stand out as a direct, insolent affront to thousands of years of unblemished, homo-free heritage.

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