Whispers on the Radio – Peter Cat Recording Co., 11/11/11

Peter Cat Recording Company should have been called the Suryakant Sawhney Show. The skinnier-than-thou frontman peering over a nose built for looking down over with his huge, stoned eyes is self-evidently lord and master of all who share the stage with him, and his backing band, though competent, a puppet government. PCRC are a singular group; I’m tempted to say they don’t make them like that any more, but I’m not sure they ever did.

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Sub-Species: The Big Mushroom Cloud Festival, 6/11/11

It may well be true that the larger the population, the larger the niches. And yet, it is equally true that this is India we’re talking about, and therefore it’s entirely likely that the niche you’re after has been hounded out of business, simplified into charmlessness, or had simply never existed in the first place. In any case, a festival which billed itself as a showcase for “new sounds” was certainly going to be a “niche” event – new sounds aren’t India’s most pressing concern – the question, though, was,  what sort of niche? Continue reading