Dead Ends – Shaa’ir + Func, 2/6/11

Each weekend, the moneyed classes of Bangalore assemble to play out a ritual tragedy. This rite, otherwise ‘a night at the pub’, is of some significance: within the walls of the few establishments which cater to it, it allows the shiny and the delicate of the city to dress up and to act in ways which would spell murder outside. For an evening, and for a price, you can nurture the delusion that you don’t live in an ugly, cluttered, dysfunctional town, whose habitants will be happy to denounce you for your loose ways, your short skirt, your smoking habit, and the fact that you think it’s okay to sleep with people you aren’t married to. Until, that is, the licensing laws force you to tramp back out, onto the tarmac even before it’s midnight, knowing there isn’t a single place you can buy yourself a drink, nor a park bench for miles on which you can settle safely for a bit to take the air.

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